Is there any documentation available about credits consumption

Hi, is there any doc available about credits consumption (rules) and credits for nested workflows?

Hi Vidyesh,

Every time your workflow runs, credits will be consumed. One credit is calculated as a one-time workflow execution.


Hi Team,

On my trial account I have 5K credit points and it means I can run my work flow 5000 times and once I reach the threshold how do I add more credit points to my account?

And also, in the enterprise account how are these credit points are calculated and manged as there will be many integrations (work flow) running 24/7? If I reach the max. credit count does my work flow stop running and throw an error/notify the customer?

Please share the relevant docs on this?

Hi Mahesh,
Yes, you can run your workflow 5000 times. The Metrics page gives you a quick overview of the usage of the credit of your Integration account. To access this page, click on the profile name and select Metrics. If you reach the max. credit count your workflow will stop running and throw an error to customer. Click here for Matrics page.