Is there an inbuilt service that allows for XSLT or stylesheet transformations

Is there an in-built service that allows for XSLT, or stylesheet transformations?

We're currently trying to convert a canonical XML document into a wide variety of flat file formats. XSLT is perfect for us. I assume that I could wrap Xalan functionality, or a similar product, within IS using my own Java services. However, is there existing functionality that would remove the need for this sort of installation? 

The larger picture is that each Partner Profile will specify a  stylesheet to produce the required flat file. 

Thanks in advance!


Again, I am impressed by this community.

Within five minutes of posting this question, I received an email from another community member whom informed me of the newly released XSLT Module for IS.


is this available for IS 4.6 ? how do i get the documentation for this to understand its capabilities ??



Could anybody send me a copy of this path to Thanks very much.

Could anybody send me a copy of this patch to Thanks very much.

The appropriate path for requesting patches is via wM tech support or through the Advantage site. They are normally very responsive to requests for fixes.

I’m trying XSLT Service given in WM developer 6.5. Can you please help me in letting me know step by step procedure how to covert XML to string, as i’m a new to WM.