Using XSLT 2.0

Hello all,
does anyone know if you can create a flow service that uses a different XSLT library than the default library? The goal is to create a flow service that uses XSLT Saxon, without changing the default library that the other services use.

if so, is it as simple as editing a classpath in a config file? or do I need to create a java service that does this?



there is a KB article about it: KB #: 1739799 on empower website.
you can use Saxon in place of xalan.

Configuring XSLT Transformer Factory Settings

You can use Integration Server Administrator to specify which transformer factory you
want Integration Server to use.
To configure transformer factory settings

  1. Open Integration Server Administrator if it is not already open.
  2. In the Packages menu of the Navigation panel, click Management.
  3. In the Package List, find the row for the WmXSLT package and click the home icon for
    the package.
  4. Click Edit Transformer Factory Settings.
  5. From the Transformer Factory list, select a factory or select Other and type in the name
    of the factory you want to use.
  6. In the Transformer Factory Attributes field, optionally enter any factory a?ributes you
    want to specify. The a?ributes must take the form a?ribute=value . You can only
    specify a?ributes that accept strings or boolean values. For more information about
    possible a?ributes, refer to the documentation from your XSLT processor vendor.
  7. Click Save Changes.

Mahesh sir, do u have the document for XSLT ? latest version ?

Addressing me as Mahesh should be fine :slight_smile:

Documentation on using the XSLT services has been integrated with “9-12_Service_Development_Help.pdf” You can get this from TechCommunity or from Empower under documentation.

You could find documents here