is there a way to monitor the machines where wM components installed by using Optimize?

Hi All,

I want to track/monitor the machines, where wM components have been installed (like IS,MWS,Broker…etc) by using Optimize. Is this possible

Eg: I have around 150 machines. now i want to track, in which all are the machines WM components installed.

Please help me.

First question:
On which webMethods Version are you currently running?


Optimize is designed for monitoring the activity of services, process models, etc. on the running components.

If you look for centralized overview what is installed you should have a look at Command Central (available on wM 9.x and newer). It can control your instances regarding installed Products, Fixes and health.
Each installation directory requires a Platform Manager installation with the appropriate Plugins (currently there is no plugin for Optimize available [at least up to 9.5]). This will only work with installations containing wM 9.x Products and newer.

You should take a look at the Command Central Forum too.


Hi Holger,

Thank you very much for information.

1.Answer: I am currently running in 8.0

2.Answer:I will go through the command central forum.