Is there a robust way to maintain environment specific information in Property Files while deploying

If there is any environment specific information in the PROPERTY files associated with individual Packages, is there any way to keep this information more central and not having to change everytime we move from one enviroment to another?


There is no robust way out of box provided for setting custom config/global variables other than you can set these DB based lookup and call it from the Hashtable.

Are you wanted to get away from the File based to the DB which is easier to maintain from the configuration stand point?

But I heard from wM 9.0 onwards SAG provided the way global variables can be handled easily in the IS.


There is package WmPsConfig provided by softwareAG which helps to manage config values in betterway

Try to get that and check

Yes you may get that and modify according to your enterprise needs at your own risk unless as they directly won’t support it.


Thank you for the answers,
Could you please give more details about the DB based solution please.
Would the Package WmPsConfig require additional liscence Because I dont see that installed in my designer?


There is no specify solution, it is like normal table having column for globalvalue/custom value and key/value

You input values into DB and write a service that fetches golbalvalue/customvalue based on key


Golbalvalue/Custom Key/value emailForVendor

when ever you fetch emailForVendor key your service should written

This package is nothing to do with the licensing…but you may need to request SAG support and get this PS package and see if they assist you getting it keeping in mind your customer relationship with them and may be they can able to share the package to you: