Is the ISN always greater than zero?

Hello all!

Just a stupid question: Is the ISN of an ADABAS-Record always > 0 ?

I know about a special meaning of ISN in connection to the NATURAL Historgram-Command (IIRC Adabas command “L9”). Are there any other special cases where ISN can be zero or even negative?

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YES, every Adabas record, when stored, gets its unique ISN > 0.

Thanks! I think that’s what NAT3113 is trying to tell me.
The reason for asking this question was: *ISN (inside a Natural Histogram-loop) can be zero even if some records are available. But if I understand you correctly, an ISN less or equal zero can’t be a “real” record.

*ISN on a HISTOGRAM does not return the ISN, because the purpose of a HISTOGRAM is to tell you the number of records with a given descriptor value.

On a HISTOGRAM *ISN is used to tell you the occurrence within a PE in which the descriptor is contained. It will be 0 for all descriptors not contained in a PE !