a question about the ISN


I am a rookie in ADABAS and I want to learn.
In my database in all my ADABAS-files the ISN have the values 4, 14, 30, 31, 35, 35, 40, 41, 46, 47,…
Not 1,2,3,4,5,…
If I make a new File the same.
Can i read, change or define rules for the ISN?
Is this important or does ADABAS has it’s own rules?

Thank you

Within a file there is a setting for “user assigned” or “Adabas assigned” ISN. If the latter, there is an additional option, “reusable” versus “non reusable”. The DBA usually has access to these options, not programmers.

When you say

"In my database in all my ADABAS-files " are these files you have created? someone else created for you? extracts from production files?

Also, please tell us that “35,35” in your ISN list is a typo :slight_smile:



i create the ADABAS-Files with Predict. First write the definition for the File, then maintenance Database, Link Children, add, then generation the ADABAS-FILE, then the DDM.
Reusable or not reusable - If I create a new ADABAS-File and add data to the file no delete Data, I habe the specifically ISN
“35, 35” is my misstate. One 35 is to much.

Maybe you are working with record type - i.e. two DDMs to one physical file …

My DBA make a new Database for me. In this database I can learn. I create the ADABAS-file, DDM and Natural Programs self.

Perhaps the program you use assigns these ISNs to the records stored:
Adabas native calls - with N2 command
Natural - use STORE … USING NUMBER …

Or if you with ADACMP/ADALOD specify USERISN and provides ISNs for the records here.