May be a basic one but still interested to know…

HISTOGRAM only has access to the inverted lists and return two items:

  1. Value of descriptor
  2. Number of records which have that value

ISNs are available in inverted lists but not returned to Natural…why it behaves like that or why internal design is made like that?

Good question, because the ISN’s are available from a L9 call with an “I” in COP2.

The only thing I can guess at is because the list could be huge, the Record Buffer might not be large enough to pass the entire list. Maybe the V8 ACBX will help at some point.

Hey Mike,

Sorry but I didn’t get the following:

  1. L9 call with an “I” in COP2
  2. Maybe the V8 ACBX will help at some point

Can be please explain more?

Mike is referring to the direct command syntax. See the documentation for the L9 (Histogram) command - http://techcommunity.softwareag.com/ecosystem/documentation/adabas/ada822mfr/adamf/pgmcard/adacmds.htm#l9