IS startup w/o Adapter Connections

Is there a way to startup IS without it starting all adapter connections?
Seems like if you have many connections and some of the connections timeout due to no connection, IS startup is delayed.

Any ideas?

Hi Eric,
If you disable a JDBC connection and then re-start the IS, the IS will startup without enabling that connection.

But then, when IS startup is complete, you will need to manually enable that connection or have some service run which can enable that connection programmatically.


From the IS 6.5 Administrator’s Guide:

To start IS 6.5 in safe mode, use the following command from the command prompt:

  • Windows: bin\server.bat -safeboot (other switches)
  • [FONT=PalatinoLinotype][SIZE=2]Unix: [SIZE=2]bin/ -safeboot (other switches)[FONT=PalatinoLinotype]


When u restart the IS in safe mode what packages needs to be enabled so that you can see the link “JDBC Adapter” unders “Adapters” on server Admin page. (WmART, WmJDBCAdapter, myPackage containing the connections etc.)
I want to desable some JDBC Adapter connections by starting the server in safe mode. After I start the IS in normal mode I can enable those JDBC connections manually when the database is up.


I’ve noticed that when a resource is unavailable (DB), IS shutdowns automatically, is it a normal behavor, why and how to turn arround this issue

It is not the normal behavior. You can increase the log level setting to debug/trace and give us some logs to analyze the problem.


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