IS server receiving file from FTP

I’m trying to FTP a file to webMethods IS6.0 FTP port. I am using WS FTP to tranfer the file to webMethods service directory(/ns/Test/TestFTP) to directly invoke the service when the file arrives.On FTPing uusing WS FTP i’m able to invoke the service but the file content is null. I’m using ffdata as input of webMethods service to obtain the file data for parsing and further processing.
Can anybody help me in sorting out the probem why the file file content is null.

Hi John,
Please check the “contentstream” is getting or not.Check using service “streamtostring”.If u r getting contentstream u have to get the data in the file.
Mahesh L

Try ffData - the capital D is important.

try “contentStream” and map to streamToBytes
then bytesToString

when you ftp a text a file, your webMethods service will read the file as a stream.

  1. declase input field ‘*inputStr’. Object type.
  2. invoke sreamToBytes, map inputStr to stream.
  3. invoke bytesToString.
  4. you should get your file contents in string variable.

Good Luck

input field name can be anything.


There is a “wm.b2b.edi.util:streamToString” jave service, This converts from stream to string.
No need to use two steps.
Mahesh L

I kept in 2 steps, i was’nt sure whether WmEdi package installed.


Here is the following u need to do if you r using Wm6.0.

  1. Set the content-type as application/x-wmflatfile
  2. Declare a node object *ffdata (not the case)
    The *ffdata is a stream object.

There is a package in 6.0 called WmFlatfile which implements the content handler for the content type ‘application/x-wmflatfile’ and it creates a *ffdata object.

This will work for sure.

Thanks guys,
i am able to obtain the data .
SKK aprroach works fine

Thanks and regards