IS Server Log Errors

[31817]2016-03-29 21:59:44 MDT [ISS.0024.0001E] Could not initialize User Manager.
[31816]2016-03-29 21:59:44 MDT [ISS.0024.0010C] Central User Manager initialization failed with error : null
[31815]2016-03-29 21:59:44 MDT [CommonLib.MWS.0002I] No value provided for []. Default value [90000] is used.
[31814]2016-03-29 21:59:44 MDT [CommonLib.MWS.0002I] No value provided for []. Default value [10000] is used.

Seeing the above errors under the Logs > Server

Could anyone help with this?

Kindly share the IS details with fix levels. Also share the components currently installed.

From the look at the error message I see the Central User Manager is not configured properly.

– Run database component configuration successfully and check the central user manager configured from security>>user management page on IS
– Also check the JDBC pools if the central user manager is correctly configured and you are able to test (run)
– Make MWS up and running and access it via mws url
– Restart the IS and see if you still find the error

Update the thread with more details based on your findings.

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remember that MWS has to be started once before the IS can connect to the CommonDirectoryService (CDS), which is used by Central User Management.


Product webMethods Integration Server
Updates IS_8.2_SP2_Core_Fix14
Build Number 228

OS.Service.Pack Service Pack 1
HW.memory[GB] 12.00
OS.Name Windows Server 2008 R2
OS.Release 6.1 7601


is this a fresh installation or was it running before the issue occured?
If it was running earlier, what was changed that might cause the issue to occur?

If there has been a corruption of jdbc config files you can try to restore them from IntegrationServer/config/backup to IntegrationServer/config.


This has been a fresh installation. however, the database used for the IS was recently changed to another one.


please check if the MWS has been initializing the new DB schema then.


Did you install IS & MWS tables properly ? Are they using the same DB or different one ? If the same DB, using the same schema’s ? Please check and update.