IS Schema to Xsd

Hi,How to get the xsd from a IS schema ? when i tried to export the IS schema ,am getting a .ndf file,which is not in a form which i wanted .Is there any way to get that xsd back from webmethods ?, Or can any one have any idea on converting this .ndf file to .xsd .
Any help is appreciated …Thanks in advance

[STRIKE]You can use “pub.schema:createXSD” in WmPublic[/STRIKE] Never mind my answer, it doesn’t work with schemas.

How was the IS schema created? Typically, they are created by parsing an existing XSD. Are you trying to get back to the original XSD because you no longer have it or something else?


yes mcarlson ,you are right .The schema was created by parsing an xsd and that xsd is no longer available ,now i need to get that xsd from the IS schema ,any way to Achieve this ?

pub.schema:createXSD can create xsd from provided IS dcoument

Hi shahid ,I need to get the xsd from an IS schema not from an IS document or Specification .Is there any way to do that ,or is there any way to convert the IS schema to IS document.

I don’t think that you can use an internal IS schema to generate an XSD.

If you have a document that conforms to the schema, you could use it to create a doc type and then create an XSD from that. Of course, this would be incomplete and would be missing most of the constraints.


:frowning: ,mark i have a thought , when i tried to export the schema i got .ndf files .And when i analysed that files it is somewhat similar to the basic xsd .My concern is can i convert this ndf file to the xsd?
like by parsing this ndf file to a document tree and then converting it to the xsd.Is it possible ? if so any API s is there ?

No ready API …but you may need to try at your own risk with .ndf.

I created an XSLT to convert NDF files into XSD. I’m not an WM expert so maybe there is an easier way and maybe it won’t work with all the NDF files, but it works for me. NDF files are XML files so it was easy enough