IS Resumit serviceName from MWS

Hi All,
I am using the MWS, and i need to resubmit for every 15 min, services which it gots an errors.
I need to build a flow service, which needs to do the functionality of Resubmiting the services.

How to know which service will resubmit the service from MWS.

Can you please tell me the service name of resubmit button.

Thanks in advance.


The in-built service which resubmits is pub.monitor.serviceControl:resubmit . The list of in-bulit services used for Monitoring are explained in Monitor Built In Services References guide.


Why does services gives errors that frequently (every 15 mins), for which you have to resubmit them? What is the actual use-case?

If it is a data issue, resubmitting will also end with same errors. If it is transient errors it should be handled differently.

Please elaborate more, so that we can look for right solution.