IS restart - Core file


Sometimes when we restart IS, a file(name - Core) is created in the path opt//V82/IntegrationServer .

If i open that file in Notepad, It is non readable format.

What file is this? Is this Core dump file of an IS?

Why it is creted, that too in specific IS?

How to open It? what information will be there?

Thanks in Advance.

I have never heard of this file :slight_smile: looks strange to me. What is the size of the file? Can you attach it here?

It varies to IS.

Not less than 3 GB to not more than 6 GB.

Big size file cant attach here.

Hmm… seems the file size is huge…I assume it might have some useful information related to Java core dump.

Did you check with SAG support? Let me know if you get any information. And also lets see what others have to say about this…