Is ordering task events possible?

Hi All,

I have a process that has a task step.

On the task step I have 2 “On queue” task events.

My question is: Can I set the order in which this task events execute?
So, let’s say taskEvent1 executes first and then taskEvent2.

As far as you know are the task events executed sequential or in parallel?

Thank you for the responses.

As a best practice it is better to group all of your “Task Queue” actions in a single task event. It gives you complete control over the execution order. It also prevents unnecessary rule processing. When you commit the task changes as part of your task event, it triggers an additional round of event evaluations. If you have 2 separate “Task Queue” event handlers you’ll have two commits, which is inefficient.

Hi Ron,

Thank you for the quick response.

I have more task events because I wanted methods to be invoked based on some business data as a condition.

For example I have the following “On Queue” task events:

  • taskEvent1 with no condition that invokes 2 services (List of Simple Actions)
  • taskEvent2 with condition1 (ex: timestamp1 not empty) that invokes 1 service
  • taskEvent3 with condition2 (ex: agent1 not empty) that invokes another service

If you say that having just one task event is more efficient, then I can certainly make only one.

I have 2 followup questions however:

  1. Are the services specified in the “Action List” for a task event going to be executed in the order they are displayed there.

  2. What is better: to have a task event that invokes one service with all the processing logic you need or to have a task event that invokes 2 or more services where you break the processing logic into chunks as you like.

Thank you for the answers.

Yes, the rules will be executed in the order they are displayed in the Task Event Editor. They are executed sequentially.