BPM and Task

Hi Experts,

My process starts with user task(task#1) and I have scenario where I should exit from user task#1(when I click on button(Ex-Send button)) before I complete the task#1 and go to different user task (task #2) in my process, after finishing task#2 I should come back to task#1. Here how should I configure process / user task ? This my first project on Webmethods BPM / Task / CAF. Please help me.

Please let me know if my question is not clear



I believe without completing the Task1, the process instance won’t go further to Task2 within process. But you can definitely using Task API’s to queue a new task within your action in Task1. Go to that task 2 and complete it. Then come back to Task1 and complete the same.

If you want to do it within process then you need to complete Task1( partially with respect to logic) and go to Task2 complete it and then again create Task1 again and complete the same with all data you wanted…