IS not connected in MWS

Purpose: This section explains on steps to be followed to solve the issue IntegrationServer not getting connected with MWS. Please follow the steps mentioned below for MWS and IS.

The log trace will be in Portal server log file full.log The exact log snippet for this issue will look like
2009-10-22 14:58:07 BST (wsclient : FATAL) [RID:4] - com.webMethods.caf.wsclient.proxy.impl.WSClientDynamicProxy: [ISS.0088.9122] Service ws.monitor.process.model:pingService does not exist

Steps to be checked in MWS[/i]

[]Login to MWS login page http://:
]Navigate to webMethodsConfiguration → ProcessConfiguration
[]Under BusinessProcessConfiguration tab check for the message "Integration Server: : is not reachable. Some data may not be available."
]If message is displayed navigate to webMethodsConfiguration → System Configuration → System Settings tab
[]Check and edit the following details if necessary
]Check your IntegrationServer hostname and port details
[]Click save
]Repeat steps 2 to 4
[*]If message "Integration Server: : is not reachable. Some data may not be available" still persists then follow the below steps to check in IntegrationServer
Steps to check in IntegrationServer

  1. Login to IntegrationServer console
  2. Under Packages → Management section check whether the package WmMonitor is installed.
  3. If yes go to step 14 and verify
  4. If no upload and Install the package WmMonitor and check steps below
  5. Navigate to <WM_HOME>/IntegrationServer/packages/WmComauth/config

Please note that take a backup of the below existing file before editing

15. Check whether the entries in your file with below details.


  1. Edit the file if required. After verification save the file and reload the package WmComauth under Packages -Management section

  2. Repeat the steps 1 to 3 of the section Steps to be checked in MWS

  3. Confirm whether the error message is not displayed or popped out. Check whether the error log trace is not occuring in Portal logs.

  4. Now your IS is connected to MWS.

Suggestions are welcome

Karpaga V