IS & MWS configuration for document resubmission


How should i configure IS and MWS properties for document re submission. I am using webMethods 8.2.

Enable auditing in your flow service.

Hi Mahesh,

I am stucked with same question.
Can you please let me know if the auditing is enabled at flow service, how the document are logged at mws?

TO resubmit the document, the document has to get saved in MWS database. and it is saved only is auditing is enabled.
I wanted to know where can I find this audit setting? At broker level or MWS level?


Hi Bhaskar,

for documents being logged you need some configurations:

Install the WmLogUtil-Package in the IS and enable the logging in its Homepage.

Additionally the Broker needs to be DocumentLogging enabled.
This can be set via MWS on the Broker.

Remember to restart the IS after the configuration to get LogUtil-Client created on the Broker.

After that you will have to define the document types in the Client-Group IntegrationServer for “Log on Publish”.