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I am looking for some information about the IS display page where it shows the total memory available and the used memory.
i know that information is coming form stat.log file, but i want to know how IS calculates the total memory, is there any configuration where we set this value?

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If you are asking how to set those min and max values then, You can set the Java Min memory, Max memory and max perm size settings from the Server.bat or file.


Thx Akki,

I tried this already, but the total memory size dosnt change.
if you know how exactly this get calculated, it would be really helpful.

The parameters mentioned by Akshith are exactly those determining the memory used, the max memory displayed by IS is the one set by


Did you check if the correct lines are used in, some of the parameter lines must first be uncommented if you do not want to use standard values,

Did you stop and restarted IS? Just restart is not enough, as the memory belongs to the JVM, which is not stopped by restarting the server.

Here is the value for MEMSET variable…


i stoped the IS and changed MIN and MAX values in and then i started the server.
Is there any other way to make it effective?

My question is towards the total memory shown on the IS page.

Hi rajat,

if you want the “Total Memory” set to your MAX_MEM value, you can consider setting both the MIN_MEM and the MAX_MEM to the same value. Should do the trick.
Note that this value will be allocated to your IS at all times; other appz on your box will not be able to use that mem anymore.



If min is set to be below max, then the total memory will be the actual memory currently allocated to the JVM–which may be below the max.

The JVM will request additional memory from the OS, up to the max, when needed.

… that’s correct, I missed that little detail, as we usually have min=max.

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