IS LocalHost doesnt come up at localhost:5555

Hi All,
I have installed the free trial version of IS. The installation went fine without issues and I was able to start the server as well.

However, when I try localhost:5555 the get error “Connection failed for localhost:5555”

Can someone please help assist how to get this resolved or how/where to check for errors/logs so that the issue can be fixed.

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Hi Kiran,

Please check for error/server log on the below path.


Also please check if server.log is generated on below path,



If you want to have a hands-on experience on webMethods flow services I would recommend downloading the Sag Service Designer 10.4 which does not require any installation. You can download the dump and run the server inbuilt.

Let me know if you have further questions.

Hi Yogesh,

The log files got created in the corresponding directories.

I checked the log files and it says JVM directory missing and unable to bind. Not sure how to resolve them.


Hi Kiran,

Please share wrapper.log and server.log file.