IS Life Cycle

About a year ago I completed my 6.5 -> 7.1.2 upgrade and I am a little disappointed that I will have to start upgrading at the end of this year to version 8 to meet the EOM for 7.1.2 in Q3 2011. While at Process World I asked some people about the possibility of an EOM extension for 7.1.2 like there was for 6.5 and I was told that its not going to happen. They referenced the Software AG/WM merger as the reason for the 6.5 extension and recommended that I talk with my sales rep if I did not like the 3 year plans that they are working towards. While I intend to do so I was curious as to how other WM customers feel about the three year life cycle?

Personally, I don’t like to upgrade to a new product right away, which made me miss 7.0 and I’m thankful as I hear nothing but horror stories from people who have landed there. After I decided to pull the trigger on the upgrade it takes me about a 3/4 of a year to move my entire installation so in a three year life cycle I get a about a years worth of time on a platform before having to start the upgrade process again.

Sure I could go past EOM and keep running on 7.1.2 until EOS but with 25 core fixes to 7.1.2 in about a 24 month time frame I not willing to bet my business running past EOM. But maybe that would be as bad as it seems in my head. As a side note, I asked the same person at process world if 7.1.2 would be “stable” before EOM and I got the answer in the form of a questions “You don’t think 7.1.2 is stable”.

I’d love to hear from anyone on this subject. In the 6->8 upgrade class it seemed as though there was a pretty even divide of people on 6.X and 7.X and a couple of people on 4.X or 8.X releases. Do you 6.X people plan on upgrading before EOM or are you going to run until (or past) EOS? Do people on 7 plan on upgrading or are you going going through EOM into EOS? If you are already on 8 how do you like it and did you go from 7 or from 6? And hows 8’s stability? I see you are already on 8.0.1 with 6 core fixes which seems a little better than 7.

As a final note, there is a potential ray of light for this upgrade as I heard that 8.2 should be released in December and the upgrade from 8 to 8.2 is going to be “trivial” (but I’m taking that with a grain of salt since I heard that at Process World) so if I start my upgrade planning late this year maybe before the official testing begins I can switch from 8.0 to 8.2. And 8.2 should be on its own three year life cycle so maybe I will get 2 years out of it before upgrading (although if I go that route there goes my strategy of waiting for things to be stable before upgrading).

Thanks in advance for any insights or comments you have on this.

The lifecycle isn’t much of a problem in it self for us. We’re usually trying to keep up. Plus it’s boring to be stuck at the same place. :slight_smile:

Interresting that you got a quote “you don’t think 7.1.2 is stable”… Of course it isn’t. I’ve been complaining about the endless feed of fixes since we first installed it. I think it’s crap, especially since 7.1.2 is some kind of service pack (according to some SAG employees).
And 8.0.x doesn’t seem any better yet.
Problem is that new bugs are introduced with every patch.

The biggest issue we see is that there does not seem to be any quality testing of the patches, and the customers are the ones who will have to test it out.
Of course SAG cannot reproduce every single environment for the users, but some basic tests should be required at least.

I’m dead against running past EOM personally.

And about the stability of wm8…
That’s about as stable as everything else. A neverending stream of support cases which in turn comes out in a bundle of patches that needs to be applied.

Seems like i’m mostly puking here but to sum it up, i’m more frustrated with the quality of the releases than the lifecycles.


I agree with you guys. I have worked with other version of wM but version 7.x has the worst fixes ever produced. There are open service incidents for a year that resulted in 12 fixes. None of them work and we still have the issue.

Currently we are planning to move to 8.x ( note sure if it is going to be 8.0 or 8.2) next year… and 100 fixes later …