IS Java compilation error: No method .. in class

On Integration Server, when writing Java services using external libraries (JARs), sometimes this error is thrown: [ISS.0026.9106] No method ... in class ...

This error means that something went wrong during compilation but Integration Server is not willing to share any information with you on this particular topic. To find out what is actually going on:

  1. Go to {SAG_HOME}/IntegrationServer/instances/default/bin
  2. Run sh makeall <PackageName> (which is sort of what IS is doing when compiling)

On your terminal you’ll get a proper error stack and explanation. Usually this is a missing class or similar.

After oodles of frustration, there seem to be three likely causes for this:

  1. A simple compilation error that is poorly reported on (use code instead to find what is wrong)
  2. Jar loading issues (the problem goes away if you stop using the package class loader)
  3. Conflicting Jar library versions

In case of #2 (which is easily tried by modifying the manifest.v3 and reloading the package), I do not have a solution yet but will post when found.

My experiences with this have all turned out to be item 3 – JAR files that conflict in some way.

That said, we rarely do this so this data point may not be helpful in terms of what to focus upon. Only have a couple of 3rd party JARs and we never create our own (rarely have a need).

Thanks for your input. Indeed, JAR conflicts remain an issue. Especially since the JARs shipped with IS are generally old and outdated.

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