Is it safe to run a scheduler job

Hello All,
My service will do some database operations.This service is scheduled one.

The service will fetch data from database and after business logic
updates the same to database.

I like to know is it safe to run this job for every 15 minutes.

As in our scenario IS and database locations are very very far.

Any suggestions will make me helpful


Why dont you run some benchmark tests to figure it out?

Hi saurabhm,
Thanks 4 reply,as this is the last moment request 4m customer.

I want to know if any body experienced any issues by running job for every 15 minutes which consists of DataBase operations.

If you want your question answered in any kind of intelligent way then you will have to actually provide some details of what you are attempting to do. Database operations every 15 minutes via a scheduled task doesn’t tell anyone anything.

At a minimum:
What are the database operations?
How much data is involved?
What is the speed of the Link(both capacity and latency)?
Any other processing that your task has to do?