Is it Possible to integrate Optimize amp Dashboard


Is it possible to have Dashboard features on Optimize? Bcoz optimize displays only a simple line graphs. If I want to go for some advanced graphs, Can I have dashboard kind of feature in Optimize or Can I push the data from the Optimize to Dashboard?

When I looked into guides it seems WM Manager 6.0.1 have Dashboard tab but when they speak on 6.1.5 there is no discussions on Dashboard. Whether the Dashboard feature is removed in 6.1.5 version?

Pls let me know if any of u have idea on this.


Hi Ravi,

Please suggest me how to gain a knowledge in webmethods.

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Sravan k .T

Hi Sravan

Log on into and register u`r self.
You can download a document repository for all webMethods products.


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Thanks a lot.

And one more thing ravi is it help for QA guys.Bcaz I am working as Sr.QA engineer using automation.And please help me how it will helpfull for QA/Testing.

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The document repository in Advantage website can help anyone even for new users too.IT is one stop shop WM docs library/Releases.

Basically you have to understand basics from IntergrationServer/Developer/Mapping/Flow and Javaservices/TradingNetworks/Broker etc… from userguide.pdf’s

All these documents are avilable in Advantage site,and if you have technical questions forums are there to help you.

Even for QA’s they should understand how the business documents processing(Inbound and Outbound transports) are handled in webmethods and diff industry standards (XML,EDI,IDOC’s,JDBC,Adapters etc.)


I had installed & configured Manager Console 615 (MgrServer,controller,satellite, Database)- with no major errors, now Manager Console-615 works fine. Now, I am in the process of installing Optimize-615 in the same directory, but getting an error ‘Missing error.mixedVersionsSelectioned.panelTxt’ and could not proceed further. This error is displayed once Optimize-615 items - Controller, satellite, service pack 1- are selected for installation from the Image file.

If I install Optimize615 - Satellite alone, Can I combine ManagerConsole615-Controller (installed earlier) with Optimize615-Satellite.

Appreciate your valuable inputs. Thanks!

David (