Is is necessary to Close connection when using JDBC Adapters?

Am using JDBC Adapters in my project.
Out Adapter usage is very high because use we use lot of Dsp pages for auditing and Error management.
And am not using any explicite connection closure any where.

Now we are facing memory issues.
Oracle is showing nearly 80 connections always opened.
It is beacuse of my adapters not being closed.

It will be really g8t if anybody can help me out in this…
Thanks in Advance


JDBC Adapter has minimum and maximum connection value as parameter. AFAIK, during a high load on the system it will create more connection until max value is reached. After the load has decreased, WM JDBC has it mechanism to reduce connection until minimum value.
I have check this behavior on our live production system and also during load test on our test system.
So i think it will not be necessary for us to explicitly close the connection when using default WM JDBC Adapters, except you build your own Java Code to use JDBC.
Hopefully this will be an answer to your question.

Best Regards,
arydewo / Harry

Even if the statemanet below is true.
It doesnt mean you don’t need to close connections in your own java code.
Closing the connection in the code is a signal for JDBC pool mechanism, that the connection is “free” and can be re-used by other threads or closed. Some pool implemantations keep the connection reserved for some amount of time, but anyway it is good practice to call close connection code in finally block of your code.