IS - How to start without auto enabling JDBC connections?

Hello Everyone.

We have a bunch of JDBC connections in our IS. It occurs that some of them doesn’t work anymore (timeout issues), but we cannot delete them due to some flow service dependencies.

We had to restart one of our IS servers and, during the initialization process, it hanged in the WAJDBCAdapters ConnectionManager start. Some adapters were started without any issues, but another ones hanged with the timeout issue (delaying the IS start process).

Does exist a way to start the IS without auto enabling these JDBC connections?

It’s been about a half hour of IS start delay due to this issue.

Thank you.

If you want to disable the connections permanently, then you can disable them from the JDBC Adapter administration page and the IS will not enable them automatically. You can enable them again, when you need to - it’s not a “delete”.

If it’s a temporary disabling of connections during a restart, then -

  • For a restart when the IS is responding - disable them manually from the administration page, before restarting and enable them once the IS comes back online
  • For a restart when IS admin page is inaccessible - there’s an unsupported way of doing this - if you need this, I’ll provide the steps, but know that you are on your own with any risks/complications it brings

Other options -

  • If you don’t want to disable/enable manually every time you perform a restart, you can write a service that uses the built-in services in the WmART package, to disable the connections during shutdown and enable them again during startup, automatically (read up about package startup and shutdown services)
  • Quiesce Mode is another option, but it disables packages directly and not connections. However, it disables ports, schedulers and a whole lot more - read up on the impact before using this feature



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