IS Handle Email

Hi Experts,

Is it the right way for us to design IS to expose a email service for other applications to consume for emailing function? What are the pros and cons for this? What are the consideration we need to take into count for it?

As long as you are exposing it through a provider with proper access permissions and ACLs. It will be good, if you have https communication and all other network level restrictions to make it more secure.

Its possible… make us of WmPublic/pub.client:smtp service in your flow service (where you build logic) and follow the steps

1> expose the flow service (with ACL’s) as WS provider create WSD
2> Provide the WSDL URL/File to your partner/client
3> Test the above using SOAP UI to see whether you are able to invoke the WS that is residing on IS

To make it secure go for https


Please give us the business scenario. It helps to understand the requirement for suggesting a good appraoch.