IS FTP [ISC.0064.9001] NullPointerException issue

I have some troubles on login a partner‘s FTP server using the service “pub.client.ftp:login” on wM9.12.
Most of the time the services login to the FTP server and change the directory and upload/download files are successful, so the parameters of the “pub.client.ftp:login” required are provided and correct, but sometimes I get the following exception:

[ISC.0064.9001] Could not connect to ftp server: java.lang.NullPointerException[ISC.0064.9001] Could not connect to ftp server: java.lang.NullPointerException
2019/05/24 19:17:15.556


Please advise what the problem is and how can I resolve it, thanks.

Kind Regards, Kelley


Put the FTP logic inside a retry block. If this is a transient error, retrying for 2-3 times can help.

Ashish Bania

Retry logic with repeat might help but it is not the complete solution to the problem.

I would suggest you to enable the trace logging on IS and capture more logs to investigate this issue.

Also, can you share the input password to ftp login service, a snap shot will do.

Ashish and Mahesh, thanks for your advise, I will put the FTP logic inside a retry block to check if this can help for the problem, and also I will enable the trace logging on IS for capturing more FTP failure logs. The FTP is our customer’s production syetem, so I can’t share the password, sorry for that.

Best regards,

I dont need your password, but make sure you are not using implicit ftps communicating over port 990. Integration Server does not support implicit FTP over SSL. Add the below extended setting and caputre the SSL logs


Both explicit FTPS and plain FTP are enabled at the FTP server end, but not implicit FTPS protocol, and I am using plain FTP to connect the FTP server.
In addition, I will add the setting “watt.ssl.iaik.debug=true” to caputre SSL logs, thanks for your advise.

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