IS Document type -> Integer not mapped in Advisor

Hi all,

I have a problem by using a IS Document type with content contraints. I’d like to have an integer and boolean instead of normal strings in my IS document type. The IS document attribute type can not be set to Integer or boolean, just String, StringList, etc., though I added some of my attributes with the Contraint “Content type” with integer {XML Schema} or boolean {XML Schema} in WebMethod Designer. When I generate the XSD, the attributes are all typed correctly in it.

Then I create a new Custom Business Object in Blaze Advisor and point to the IS document. But the imported types are all strings now.

So my main question is: How can I use other types in Blaze Advisor with IS document types?

Thank you very much.


one workaround would be to create a new Object in BlazeAdvisor and initialise all values with the values from IS document using explicit casts. But this is more an aweful workaround, because we can not reuse the IS document itself and have to maintain two datastructures…

Has anyone a smoother solution to this?

Thank you.

Set the IS doc type element to be an Object. Then set the Java wrapper type as desired.

Be advised that you’ll need to create Java objects when assigning values to such fields. Mapping a string to such an element will not work as desired and will not cause a design-time error.

Hi Rob,

yes thank you… this worked in Blaze Advisor… now I get mapped types of integers, boolean and real.

Can I use this document within a CAF page and withing a task? CAF should use the java type and change the validators for example automatically…

How can I actually create a Java object in Business Process and assign it to my doc?

Thank you.

I do not have the answers for the CAF nor Business Process questions. I haven’t used those extensively and when I have, we didn’t use strong data typing (which is something I usually recommend against in an integration environment). Be careful that you’re not introducing bigger issues for later by using strong typing just to make Advisor happy.