IS Connectivity Testing Issues

Trying to add new TP to production. Simple http posts (using pub.client:http) from production to trading partner’s production are failing with “ Connection timed out”. Partner can send EDI payloads from their production to my production, rule looks like it fires just fine but my MDN back to them also times-out.

I CAN ping my new TP’s production from my test enviroment using pub.client:http & EDI testing from test to test is fine too. I’ve compared IS extended settings, server.cnfs ACLs, all items under IS Security and Settings sections between production and test and see nothing different other than log level java compile values. Nothing sticks out in the log trace file. Firewall traffic from BOTH my test and production to my TP’s production system does make it out of the building. Not sure what they see on their side (will continue dialogue with them this evening) .

Sound familiar? Any hints or troubleshooting tips would be sincerely appreciated!

looks the TP system is not reachable. Do a telnet test from you production box with port you are using.

Thanks for the quick reply - telnet tests were interesting and will follow-up with trading partner this evening - I think the issue is at their end; I can telnet from my test to their production and test but no joy trying the same thing from my production to either of their boxes.

Thanks again Tony!

HI Fred,

I hope your issue is solved now. if not from my past experience on such issues I can say that the TP needs to allow signals from your prod server to their servers in their firewall rule.


Issues were with the TP’s firewall setup. Thanks!

Normally that is the main reason and even we faced at one time…