IS 7.1.2 does not seem to pass WS Sec credentials


I’m using IS 7.1.2 with a web service consumer connector. I am trying to call a web service that requires plain text WS Sec security token. I have populated the message uthentication parameters for user & pass. When I run the connector I get the response “No security token was provided” Is doesn’t seem to be passing the plain text UN/PW through the pub.client:soapClient service.

Is there some way I can see in IS the XML that is generated inclusing the headers? You used to be able to do this by generating the XML that was then passed to pub.client:soapHTTP

Is there anything that needs to be done explicitly to ensure the WS Sec headers are being generated / passed in the message.



You might be able to get this info by turning on the HTTP header and content logging, possibly also the XML parsing logging, in the server log.

I suspect you could extract it in the service as well by some means - I don’t know exactly how off the top of my head though.