IS 6.01 Daylight savings Time and WM time off

After the time change over the weekend, webMethods IS server did not report the correct time. This affected the scheduled events we had setup.

It’s not the 1st time it happens, whenever day light savings changes occur, we need to manually adjust the scheduled time of the events.

WM IS is running under AIX 5.2 and unix is reporting the accurate time, what could be going on with webMethods? where is it getting the time from? We had stop/start the server, but WM is still off.

Any thoughts?


HI Juan green,

Usually for every day light saving webMethods give some patches to run u can contact webMethods support for this issue but it is good question?where is it getting the time from?


I know this answer is 7 months late, but here you go.

The value you have set for your TZ environment variable is probably incorrect. We ran into this same issue last year. Running the ‘date’ command gave us the correct time, but our IS time was off by an hour. We then noticed all of our other Java apps we had the same problem.

Java gets its timezone information from $TZ. We had it set to MST7MDT6, but it should have been MST7MDT. No 6 on the end. Once we changed the value and restarted our apps, the time problem went away.

This value gets set in /etc/environment on AIX.