How to change time zone in IS

I just installed IS 6.5 on XP and find that the time in the server.log file is set to GMT, but I am in the EST time zone. How can I change the time zone in my IS server?


Sounds like the timezone on your physical server or workstation is set to GMT. Change it in the operating system and the IS JVM will pick up the change.

In your // file, add the -Duser.timezone=EST to the variable JAVA_MEMSET. This will use EST time in all of your log files.

My PC has Eastern Daylight Time, which should be same as EDT.

I have also modify my server.bat to have the following:
set JAVA_MEMSET=-ms%JAVA_MIN_MEM% -mx%JAVA_MAX_MEM% -Duser.timezone=EDT

Shut down and start IS. Then I checked in Logs/Audit and other logs again. They all have GMT, which is 5 hours ahead of my time zone.

Any more advise?


I forgot to mention, I have tried starting IS by running both server.exe and server.bat.

I know that is for Unix only. What is the difference between server.exe and server.bat?

That works fine for me
Thanks dude

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