IS 4.6 / xCBL 3.5 : mapping problem

I’ve installed the C1 Package, SP1, SP2, fix 22.

I’ve created a doc type for xcbl 3.5 in TN,

and a process rules wich forwards to a custom service called CustomerPurchaseOrder, that contains the following steps :

  1. GetEnveloppeHeader

  2. getDocumentAsRecord :
    -> in this step i map the BoundNode to a node called Order (it is the Order Records from

  3. mapping customerNumber :
    -> in this step i map severals variables from the Order records (init in the previous step)

  4. Save Pipeline

when i look into the pipeline, the order records contains data,
but all variables that was getting data from this Order records are empty !

just can’t find why !!

someone can help me please ?