IoT Community Champions Q2 2024!

IoT Community Champions - Q2 2024

Q2 of 2024 just ended and it’s time to announce the IoT Community Champions!

As you might know, beginning of 2024 I re-launched the IoT Community Awards with more focus on gamification and getting points by solving different kind of challenges which was quite fun! Also we changed the prizes to motivate those who already received the same before.

Let’s find out who made it to the top leaderboard in Q2 2024 and can call himself a IoT Community Champion!

Top 5 IoT Community Champions of Q2 2024!

Position Name Points Challenges completed
1 @Reuben_Miller2 1400 Open-Source Challenge, Likes received Challenge, Tech Talk Challenge, Open-Source Contribution Challenge, Hackathon Challenge
2 @Christian_Guether1 1000 KB article Challenge, Tech Talk Challenge, Open-Source Contribution Challenge
2 @Marco_Stoffel 1000 Open-Source Challenge, Tech Talk Challenge, Open-Source Contribution Challenge
2 @Harald_Meyer 1000 Likes received Challenge, Likes given Challenge, KB article Challenge, Open-Source Contribution Challenge, Hackathon Challenge
3 @Tristan_Bastian 800 Solution Challenge, Likes received Challenge, Open-Source Contribution Challenge

Congratulations to all the IoT Community Champions of Q2 2024! :trophy:

Movie gif. Deadpool gives us some (possibly sarcastic) applause.

As a summary you can see that most of them received there points very heterogeneously by solving different challenges. While some of them focused on community work like Harald & Tristan, other mainly invested in open-source contribution or attending events like the IUG Hackathon or an IoT Tech Talk.


This time each of the IoT Community Champions will get goodie package with the following content:

  • A small drone with in a custom branded case
    image image
  • A custom branded swisscard multi-tool
  • Some nice stickers
  • image

You’ll be contacted to ask for your shipping addresses to get your prizes shipped to you as soon as possible.

Beside that you have been granted the very limited “IoT Community Champion” Badge in the Tech Community!



The following challenges with assigned points were communicated:

  • :black_square_button: Publish a new Cumulocity related open-source repository containing valuable content with the topic cumulocity-iot - 300 points
  • :black_square_button: Provide 10 solutions to forum topics so they are accepted :white_check_mark: as an answer - 300 500 points
  • :black_square_button: Receive 20 15 :heart: (likes) from others in the community - 100 points
  • :black_square_button: Give 30 15 :heart: (likes) to other posts or knowledge base articles - 100 points
  • :black_square_button: Create 10 new topics in the forum (spam topics will not count and deleted :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:) - 200 points
  • :black_square_button: Publish a knowledge base article about a Cumulocity IoT topic - 300 points
  • :black_square_button: Speak or co-speak in an published IoT Tech Talk / IoT Developer Event or Knowledge Exchange event - 500 points
  • :black_square_button: Contribute to an existing Cumulocity IoT open-source repo by adding an issue, creating a PR etc. - 200 points
  • :black_square_button: Attend an onsite IoT Hackathon :technologist: - 300 points

Due to the facts that no-one or only 1-2 members reached some of the challenges, I lowered the criteria for the received and given likes to 15. Also I increased the amount of points you get for the provided solutions from 300 to 500 points to honor those who invested time in solving other issues here in the community.

Unfortunately only some of the hidden and special challenges were claimed. So keep your eyes open and lookout for challenges in videos, knowledge base articles and other content. :wink:

Will you be the IoT Community Champion of Q3 2024?

Q3 has just started and all start from 0 again. To add more competition I’ll add a new challenge for replies posted. Check out the updated overview site

Make sure you are in the top 5 list of Q3 2024 to also earn the IoT Community Champion award and have fun with the associated goodie package :wink:


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