Invoking wM service thru HTTP from external client

I have an interface where webMethods service is invoked thru HTTP call from the external client.External client sends the XML thru same HTTP call. We have assigned Execute Level ACL which allows only the external client to access that service using a valid username/password that we exposed to the client.

Can any one of you explain how Protocol level communication happens to webMethods server and how authentication is done at wM and when the service at WM is executed?

And also we like to calculate the response time taken by webMethods for that HTTP call to send 200/401 back to the client. Where can we find those logs?

What specifically are you looking for on the security question? The http server that is built into webMethods IS server does basic auth. as well as digest based. You can go to the web site to find out more about these standard challenge/response implementations. I believe it can also do NTLM type auth. if you are using Windows.

Execution times of services can be done a number of ways. It really depends on what you are trying to measure. You can audit the service which will give you the start and stop time of the service. You can use an external test tool to measure response time back to an external client. It is not stored by default in a log.

I want to calculate the time taken by webMethods to receive the HTTP call and time taken to send back the response to the external client.

Will webMethods wait till end of the execution of the IS service and then send back the response to client which invoked the service or will it send back the response as soon as it receives info from external client?

We have a way to calculate the time taken by wM service to execute the txn.

You are not going to be able to calculate the the time it takes for the external client to receive the transaction from a test on the webMethods IS server. You will need to run whatever testing tool you have from the client to get an accurate result.

webMethods is only going to show how long the flow service took to execute. The data will be returned as your flow service exits either the try or catch statement not before.

Griffma, Thanks a lot for u`r suggestions. Earlier we made a wrong assumption as wM will respond back to the HTTP as soon as it authenticates the uname/pwd then we found out that response will be send back only when the whole service is executed. Hence splitted the service into two different services as one service to be invoked by HTTP which will invoke a new thread to proceed the processing. This increased the performance very highly. Earlier for end-to-end processing of the txn, it use to take more than 60 seconds. After splitting the service the txn time came down to 6 seconds.