Invoking WebMethods Service from COM

We are trying to implement WebMethods from COM+. So, I created a service which will post a XML string to another site. Now I am trying to invoke that service from my COM component.
Here I am using two classes CONTEXT, VALUES provided by WebMethods.dll. I used CONTEXT to connect to the Integration server and VALUES class, is to Put the input values to the service and get the output back as an object.
After these objects work is finished, The COM+ is still showing the VALUES object is still active. It is destroying after some time. My understanding is The service from integration server is not releasing the COM object immediatly.

Basically I want to kill the two objects from COM after I finished CONTEXT for Connect and INVOKE to invoke the service.
I used Set object=nothing…but no use. it i killing only CONTEXT object, but not VALUES object.
Please help me…

Here is my code…

Option Explicit
Private s_objWC As webMethods.Context
Private s_objInputs As webMethods.Values
Private s_objOutputs As webMethods.Values

Public Function SubmitXMLToWM(ByVal p_lngApplicationNumber As Long, ByVal p_strXMLString As String) As String
On Error GoTo ErrorHandler

Dim s_strUID As String 
Dim s_strPWD As String 
Dim s_strServer As String 
Dim s_intServerPort As Integer 
Dim s_lngReturnValue As Long 
Dim s_strStatus As String 

'---------------Read Application.ini file------------------------------ 
Set s_objMgr = New COMPSMMGR.clsCOMPSMMGR 
s_strUID = s_objMgr.GetConnString("WebMEthods Data Source", "UID") 
s_strPWD = s_objMgr.GetConnString("WebMEthods Data Source", "PWD") 
s_strServer = s_objMgr.GetConnString("WebMEthods Data Source", "Server") 
s_intServerPort = s_objMgr.GetConnString("WebMEthods Data Source", "ServerPort") 
Set s_objMgr = Nothing 
'Open the WM Connection 
Set s_objWC = New webMethods.Context 
s_objWC.Connect s_strServer & ":" & s_intServerPort, s_strUID, s_strPWD 
'Invoke the Web Methods Service 
Set s_objInputs = New webMethods.Values 
s_objInputs.put "XMLString", p_strXMLString 

Set s_objOutputs = s_objWC.Invoke("PostXMLToCAPS", "Ser_PostXMLToCAPS", s_objInputs) 
s_strStatus = s_objOutputs.get("Status") 
Set s_objInputs = Nothing 
Set s_objOutputs = Nothing 
Set s_objWC = Nothing 
SubmitXMLToWM = s_strStatus 
Exit Function 

Set s_objMgr = Nothing
Set s_objInputs = Nothing
Set s_objOutputs = Nothing
Set s_objWC = Nothing

Call DoLogError(Err.Number, Err.Source, "EN", 9000, _ 
            "clsCOMPCCWEB - SubmitXMLToWM - (Application Number  - " & p_lngApplicationNumber & ")" & _ 
            Err.Description, 1, 1, , "") 
SubmitXMLToWM = Err.Number 

End Function

Public Function DoLogError(ByVal p_lngErrorNumber As Long, _
ByVal p_strErrorSource As String, _
ByVal p_strLanguage As String, _
ByVal p_lngEventId As Long, _
Optional ByVal p_strCustomMessage As String, _
Optional ByVal p_intLogTarget As Integer, _
Optional ByVal p_intLogType As Integer, _
Optional ByVal p_strContext As String, _
Optional ByVal p_strPageId As String, _