Invoking EntireX service from .Net client.


I have got a Natural subprogram exposed as a web service running inside tomcat server. The service returns proper response when tested from XML tester in Workbench. My requirement is to invoke this service from a .Net client using WSDL. So, I generated the WSDL from the XMM file and used Webservice studio to invoke the service.
The service invocation was successful, however the response is not what I expected. There are some input parameters to the service and these are getting lost in transit to the service and thus the response I got is the one that will be sent if no input parameters are passed.
I checked the entirex trace logs and it shows that the request elements are not parsed.

From IBM WSAD, I tested the service using WSDL by passing the inputs and its working fine.

Any help will be appreciated.


if you are able to invoke the web service from another tester (eg WSAD, Workbench), then the service itself is working and the problem is more likely in your .Net invocation of the web service, not in any problem with the EntireX components.

Are you able to step through the invocation with the .Net debugging tool and verify that the input properties are set beforehand? If not, you may find the .Net specific forums more helpful than the Software AG forums…

Thanks Doughlas.

Yes you are right. The service is fine but the invocation from .Net isn’t. After analysing I found out that Web service studio of .Net fails to qualify the root node of SOAP request with a prefix that the service expects. I am trying to edit the WSDL file to add that prefix so that the SOAP request might contain it and the invocation be successful.

Thanks again for your quick turnaround response.