Invoking COM service breaks the IS


I wrote a COM service using VB that connects to and pulls down data from an Oracle database using ADO. Invoking this service using win32.COM:invoke (from the developer IDE) usually results in a successful call the first time and in some cases, the second time. But more often, invoking the COM service the second or third time results in the Integration Server crashing (some java error reported or on my Win2K professional workstation, a GPF).

I suspect at first that maybe the JRE versions on my PC and on the IS may not be compatible (1.2 and 1.3 respectively). However, invoking the service on the server itself also results on the server crashing.

I appreciate any explanation and assistance that you may give with regards to this matter. Thank you.

How do you invoke the COM object?
There are 3b steps involved in invoking a COM object.

  1. createObject
  2. invoke the method
  3. release the object

Are you doing this right? Some times if you dont release the object from memory, the webMethods sever crashes.
Thanks and hope you get this solved.
Good Luck!

Thanks for your reply.
I checked the Users Guide and I read that the 3 outlined steps are used to call an exsting COM objects and you use the win32.COM.dispatch services.

The COM object I have, however, is a webMethods service written in VB that uses the webMethods Values object and I used the win32.COM:invoke service to call it.

I also suspect that the object is not released prior to the next methods call. How do I release a COM object from memory after being invoked by the IS Server? I am worried about the performance hit since the server will have to look up and reload the COM service again after it has been released.

Thank you