Invoke webMethods service from SAP ABAP program


Is it possible to invoke a webMethods flow service within a SAP ABAP program?

The scenario I have is that SAP is generating some XML which needs to be transformed into a new XML document with a different structure. I was hoping that a SAP ABAP program could invoke a webMethods service passing an XML document as input and receiving the new XML document as output.

If it is possible what do I need to set up in webMethods and what needs to be done in the ABAP code?

We already have a configured SAP adapter connection which processes IDocs using standard outbound processing, but I dont know how to invoke a service and pass data back so SAP using ABAP.

We are using Integration Server 8.0/8.2 and SAP adapter 7.1.

Thanks in advance.

RFC Adapter Service (Synchronous) should match your use-case… Does it not?


Can you make web Service calls from ABAP code?
if yes, should be the way to go.

Do an XML over HTTP post in your ABAP code. The wM docs describe what the URL is to post to the service. In ABAP be sure to set the content-type to text/xml.

Have the service respond with the transformed XML.

No involvement by the adapter needed in this case.

Easy peasy on the wM side. Can’t advise on the ABAP side.