Invoke REST API: How to import an Open API File to create an Connector in

Hi all,

We would like to invoke a custom REST API with (Cloud)
We have an OpenAPI specification file:

My question would be:
How is it possible to automatically create an Connector based on this file?
As it is done with an WSDL File when calling SOAP Services …

We really hope this is possible as we really don’t want to create the API calls manually :wink:
The API has quite some different calls and structures …

many thanks for your help!


Hi Christian,

You can create a connector using the Node.js CLI Connector Builder, wherein you have the facility to create a connector based on the Open API file using the command wmio swagger <swagger_file>. Please refer to the Connector Builder documentation @ Connector Builder - Node.js CLI - Integration

Suresh Ganta
Senior Product Manager
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Hi Suresh,

Ahh. This sounds very promising :slight_smile:
We try this out as soon as possible and let you know if it worked out :wink:

thanks a lot for the quick answer!


Hi Suresh,

We tried to do this and the generation of the API worked quite fine basically.
But we have a Problem with the Authentication.

Our Problem is that the API we need to use uses the following Auth:
We need to make a First Call - logonUser - we get a TOKEN back here as answer.
This token needs to be provided as a customer http Header in further calls.
This token also expires after 12 hours and needs to be renewed.

The basic idea is similar to OAuth - but it is not the OAuth Standard Flow unfortunatly.

We already read the Auth part on the Builder Page and also tried to use AuthenticationHelper.js
But we didn’t manage until now to get this to work.

What would be your approach to solve such Auth Problem?

many thanks!


Hi Christian,

Can you please raise a support incident at so that our team can further look into this.

Thanks & Regards
Suresh Ganta

Done - SI-450688

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