Invoke HTTPs service

Hi All,

I have a ESB webservice in IS server which is available on HTTPs protocol. Created web service client for this service in OpenCAF application.

When I invoke the service from this web application (which is deployed on MWS server) it throws below error and the service invocation is not successful.

Could you please advise what need to be done to invoke HTTPs services from OpenCAF web applications?

	Caused by: electric.util.WrappedException: Error constructing implementation (algorithm: Default, provider: SunJSSE, class:

at com.webmethods.caf.wsclient.proxy.impl.WSClientDynamicProxy.getCompatibleException(
at com.webmethods.caf.wsclient.proxy.impl.WSClientDynamicProxy.invoke(

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Hi Raj,

what is the SSL-Type your HTTPS-Port is configured for?

Please check for the appropriate settings on the for JSSE allowed protocols.

Please make sure you have the appropriate Fixes for SCG-Entrust, SIN, SSX and IS-Core components installed.