Invoiking a service via email


I am trying to invoke a service via email and pass *.csv file for processing. If the email port set to use specific user id, everything works fine. I have a problem running the service when I am passing $user and $pass alone with service name in “subject line” of the email.
May be I do not know the exact syntax (first user name & password and
than service name, or vice versa, or something else between them?). Any input is welcome.


The Email Subject line should only contain the fullyQualified ServiceName (folder.subfolder:ServiceName)then this will be used if the Global Service field is not specified in the Email port settings.

But i dont think we can pass the username,password along with servicename in the subject line

You can check this info in the ISAdministrationUserguide regarding Email transport.


I have read it using “Help” link when set up the email port. It stated
that we can pass user id and password. May be it works if I specify my service as Global service and than pass $user and $pass

Well you are right,i just checked the info.

Fill the service name in the Global Service field.

I think there is one more setting you should set if you pass $user,$pass in the Email subjectline

In the Email port setting set this
"Require authorization within message"to Yes.If you set “No” then Run Service as user (Administrator)can be used.

This is also specified in the same Help link.


Thanks, Roman.