Invalid signer's certificate/privatekey and/or partner's certificate

Iam seeing this error when trying to send a test msg from webmethods IO to external system

error msg : Invalid signer’s certificate/privatekey and/or partner’s certificate

My external partner system certs are correct and configured as required.

for My IO partner (sender) profile, i used the 2way ssl generated through webmethods IO.

do we need to generate any addional certs for my sender ( wm IO ) profile ? if yes how can I do it ?

Are you trying to set up 2 way ssl or trying secure the messages using certificates?
Please refer below tech articles

  1. 2 way SSL: B2B authenticating inbound transaction using 2-way SSL
  2. Securing messages using security: B2B securing messages using the certificates

Let me know of this helps you.

Vikash Sharma

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