invalid signer's certificate/private key and/or partner's certificate

Hi All,

Need your expertise ,

We are facing ( invalid signer’s certificate/private key and/or partner’s certificate ) error Message while we receiving EDIINT MDN Message from the partner system. If the same system we connect through Https everything is fine.

Since the https connection is went fine there is no issue in the certificate level it seem.

can someone share your experience if you have encountered this kind of error message.


Hi Dinesh,

is the certificate configured in MWS for TradingNetworks (B2B)?

TradingNetworks has its own User/Partner Management which also relates to the certificates in this context.


Hi Holger,

Thanks for your response.

We installed our partner certificate in MWS ==> Partner Profile.


Hi All,

I am getting the error - “invalid signer’s certificate/private key and/or partner’s certificate”. I have added the certificate in keystore, truststore and SSL configuration.

Also this certificate is loaded in my partner profile in the MWS using keystore alias and key alias.

But still I am getting error this error- “invalid signer’s certificate/private key and/or partner’s certificate”.

Could you please help?

Hi All,

The issue got resolved.

The database table - CertificateData was not updated successfully in the database. This table belongs to the MWS> The table continued to hold the expiration date of the old certificate like the cached data. This was causing SSL validation failure for Partner data.

Thank you all!