Invalid DB-Trigger WMPRCSSSSC_RAIU after Migration from 9.5 SP1 to 9.12


I just found this invalid trigger (WMPRCSSSSC_RAIU) in a migrated audit database schema.
Migration was from 9.5 SP1 to 9.12.

Might it be that this trigger has been overseen during renaming the process audit tables in 9.6?
When comparing with a databases schema which was directly created for 9.12 usage, there is no such trigger.
Looks like this trigger has been replaced by trigger PRA_CUSTOM_PROCESS1.

For the moment I have disabled this trigger to prevent it from logging error messages in the server.log.

Is it save to delete this trigger in the database?


better open a ticket with SAG :slight_smile:

Hi Tong,

sure, I will do.

Just wanted to know if others have already noticed the same during their migrations.

As pointed out I assume an issue in the migration script where this trigger has been overseen during the renaming and redefinition of the tables in wM 9.6.