Invalid Credentials (MWS)

Hi All,

We are using Webmethods 712 IS and MWS.
Currently we are having a monitoring application installed in IS that shows all the transaction passed from IS. On Clicking any of the transaction it directly gets routed to MWS server to view the document.
When user is trying to view the document in MWS after loggin in he is getting below mentioned error :

"[POP.012.9002.wm_mon_doc_details] Remote Exception caught: electric.util.WrappedException: java.rmi.RemoteException: HTTP error response: [ISS.0084.9001] Invalid credentials "[/i]

[COLOR=Red][ISS.0084.9001]An example of link to view the document is :

I have created a role in MWS and given only view access to Integration server documents. I have added the above user in that role.
Some users are working fine but few are4 creating problems.

Pwd is same for user in both MWS and IS.

I have checked on Advantage and there it was recommended to add below setting in IS but this also didn’t worked out:

Please help in resolving it…


Along with the above watt… setting you also need to have the right TN acls assigned to the user on IS.

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