Internet Explorer 8

Hi experts,

We are in the thick of migrating from 6.5 to 8.2 and we realised that Internet Explorer 8 does not like our web services:mad:. It asks if we want to “download or open the file”, which has the name of the service we are trying to open :uhoh:.

This services work fine when i use Firefox or Internet Explorer 9, but not when using IE8. The problem is that most users in our business have Windows XP as part of our standard build (there is plan to move to Windows 7 next year…:rolleyes:) and IE 9 requires Microsoft Vista or beyond :sad:. On the other hand Firefox is not a supported tool in the business and to deploy it to all users is a whole new thing that might require months of debates if ever successful.

Does anyone know a way to get IE8 to run these services? Or for lack of a solution, does anyone know why we have such limitation? :confused:



If problem is still actuall try to use P3P Headers, ie. P3P: