Fabric 7 and I.E 6 SP1 compliancy

Hi Everybody,

I am currently testing the webMethods Fabric 7 version in my company in order to check the compatibility with our technical environment.

I am experiencing troubles with Internet Explorer Browsers 6 SP1 (6.0.2800.1106) on windows 2000 clients (IE SP2 is not supported for win 2000).

I face up to Javascript errors that prevent me from using the application menu or submiting some forms (c.f screenshot)

Oversized screenshots deleted. Please use attachment features for large images like these.

When using Mozillq Firefox or Internet Explorer 6 SP2, there is no trouble at all! No sign of Javascript errors…

Does anybody, using Fabric 7, has already experienced this problem?

Any help would be warmly welcomed


Hello All,

After Having investigated for many hours, I figured out the problem was coming from Temporary Internet Files:

When logging into the application, the browser will store many files in the temporary folder, namely JavaScript files.

So what I tried was to delete Temporary files and then refresh the application. The great result was that the navigation bar (and all other functionalities) was working again.

After refreshing another time, the navigation bar was disabled again and JavaScript errors occurred.

I have noticed that many JavaScript files were created; if they are in the Temporary Folder when the page is loading, then the navigation bar (and some other functionalities) will be disabled.

I tried to configure my IE settings internet options on:

-Temporary files → settings → Check for newer version of stored pages “EVERY VISIT to the page”

-Added the page to the Trusted Zone

None of these actions were efficient :frowning:

It seems like IE SP1 and IE SP2 behavior toward Temporary Files or JavaScript is different…

Hope this can help,


Got the answer :

-Download and install microsoft patch : KB824145 (file : q824145.exe)
-Restart Computer
-Delete temporary files
-Add webSite to trusted Zone

Enjoy latest technology on oldfashioned OS :smiley: