Intermittent SOC4 (error code 954)

I am experiencing intermittent SOC4 return codes. The thing is that the SOC4 occurs at random times. The same code might execute error free 5 times in a row and then suddenly a SOC4 happens.

The one thing that I found that could be a possible issue is that PROCESS PAGE UPDATE FULL seems to be causing the error to occur. PROCESS PAGE UPDATE (without the FULL option) does not cause the error to occur. However, with the FULL option, the error occurs at seemingly random times.

FMZZAA02 0990 NAT0954 Abnormal termination S0C4 during program execution. - Error code 954 was received from Natural

I have tried everything I know to resolve the issue, but I am stumped. I checked all the variables for type, made sure the adaptor in the program is current and stowed, etc. etc.

FMZZAA02 is the adaptor name. The line number refers to the PROCESS PAGE statement in the adaptor.

Any thoughts?

We recently had a correction NA75205 for the PROCESS PAGE statement. But this corrects an abend which is reproducible consistently. So this won’t help in your case I’m afraid.
I’d recommend to open a SL24 request for that. For further investigation we need a reproducible example or the related dump.


Hi Demos;

This is entirely a wild guess where to look. Do you have any variables that are REDEFINEs of alpha to numeric?

Basically the only difference between PROCESS PAGE UPDATE and PROCESS PAGE UPDATE FULL is that FULL utilizes data resulting from the page.

So, you might have an alpha variable which now has a value of blanks. If this variable is REDEFINEd as numeric, because it is a subscript, you could be causing your SOC4.

Another possibility would be an AL or NL override which is larger than the underlying field (probably less likely than the redefine possibility).


It seems that the problem is reproducible. After posting, I discovered that the error occurs fairly consistently on the FULL option. We have not installed the ZAP associated with NA75205 since it is meant for NAT424 and we are at NAT423 right now.

Hopefully the problem will be resovled when we install NAT424 and the zap.